About Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute

Paytakht multi-purpose cultural and artistic institute with the official permission from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Paytakht multi-purpose cultural and artistic institute

With the official permission from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute with more than two decades of continuous activity and using up-to-date knowledge and having specialized personnel and professional group and organizing a wide network of artists, actors and stage performers and prominent performers, complete facilities and equipment have provided a suitable and capable platform for providing services and consulting for cultural, artistic and exhibition affairs in the country. Relying on technical knowledge, art and appropriate experience as one of the most successful institutions for holding cultural and artistic programs in the country, it has held over 1000 events including national and religious ceremonies, concerts, gatherings, meetings, and conferences during two decades.

Holding numerous stages and conferences and cultural and artistic programs in the country, some of which are mentioned in this site, is part of the achievements of this institute in the last two decades.


  • Executor and consultant of conferences, festivals, concerts, seminars, celebrations and national and religious ceremonies
  • Holding artistic and cultural exhibitions
  • Inviting actors, singers and artists of radio, television, and cinema
  • Holding cultural, artistic, and literary meetings
  • Preparation and supply of cultural and artistic products
  • Designing and holding short-term cultural and artistic courses and workshops
  • Design and installation of structures and supply of exhibition equipment

Introductory Clip of Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute

The services of the institute include:

Artistic services for holding the event

Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute, with the benefit of strong and extensive communication and the formation of a network of stage performers, film and television artists, performers and prominent speakers, prominent pop and traditional singers, various theater groups and harmony and using technical, executive and artistic specialists has been able to hold all the assigned programs so far with the desired quality.

Artistic services of the institute and introduction of artists:

Introducing and inviting popular pop and traditional music singers

Introducing and inviting the top performers and top figures of the Radio and Television Organization

Introducing and inviting voice imitation artists, showmen, and stand-up comedians

Introducing and inviting ethnic music groups

Introducing and inviting drama and art groups

Introducing and inviting children and adolescent art groups

Introducing and inviting the best magicians, craftsmen and acrobats

Introducing and inviting choirs, national anthems groups

Introducing and inviting poets, reciters and story-tellers

Introducing and inviting prominent speakers and scholars

Introducing and inviting the praisers, and the clergy of the Ahl al-Bayt

Introducing and inviting top Quran reciters

 Short-term training courses in the field of culture and art

Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute, through the Paytakht Artists Campaign Site, and in cooperation with prominent masters and artists, organizes short-term training courses, seminars, and specialized face-to-face and online workshops (webinars) in the fields of culture and art, speech, stage performing techniques, playing music, musical instruments, dubbing, art show, photography, filming, composing, acting, graphics, journalism, etc. for those who are interested in.

Music, concert and stage services:

Holding live concerts and stages with the presence of prominent singers

Specialized music instruments training online and in person

Preparation, production and reproduction of works

Arranging, composing, producing music albums (coming soon …)

Design and installation of various exhibition structures and supply of exhibition equipment

Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute has more than 15 years of experience in the field of exhibition space, cultural and artistic pavilions, recreational, health-related, tourism, seasonal and thematic exhibitions, providing and supporting exhibition equipment and ancillary services with the help of specialized staff and complete equipment with the highest quality, and minimum time and price.

Audio, video, optical, studio services

Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute, with its expert staff and professional hardware equipment and the halls required for concerts, conferences, meetings and exhibitions, and with installation of audio and video systems, sound recording, modern optical equipment and lighting, LED display and installation equipment (indoor and outdoor), and mobile radio and television unit, filming, documenting and news coverage, photography, stage directing, making clips, narration, promos, teaser, decoration, arranging flowers and stage space works with the highest standards to perform its duties in an ideal form.

Support services, logistics and ceremonial services

Ceremonial team, accompanying, welcoming and locating participants

Procurement, supply of catering packages, logistics

Creating order and security

Graphic Design, Printing and Computer Services

Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute provides services in the field of advertising, graphic, printing and software services with its expert staff and necessary facilities.

  • Design and printing of banners, flexi, brochures, posters, exhibition stands, trademarks and logos
  • Supply of cultural and advertising items and products
  • Design and construction of statues and appreciation cards
  • Website design and software projects
  • Design, compilation and printing of books, publications, etc.

We believe that punctuality, commitment and accuracy in customer service are our most important tasks.


For more than a decade, the directors and creators of Paytakht Cultural and Artistic Institute, with their scientific, research and executive activities, have been trying to provide a safe, up-to-date and worthy environment for the implementation of assigned programs with young and modern thinking based on experience and up-to-date knowledge and taking advantage of different groups of performance professors, performers and artists take great strides in managing and performing concerts, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other cultural and artistic programs.
In recent years, this institute has held numerous and successful conferences, exhibitions, and cultural programs with the participation of public and private institutions, prestigious universities, Tehran municipalities, Basij, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and other organizations. Prepare yourself for consulting, preparing and performing the most glorious artistic programs and ceremonies and celebrations on national and religious occasions, various holidays and anniversaries throughout the year. We hold announcement of the families of martyrs, veterans, freedmen, staff, students, distinguished students, exemplary employees and esteemed retirees, as well as student weddings, lotteries and awards ceremonies, and we are proud to have the knowledge and technical experience and appropriate equipment and a complete chain of services for holding such ceremonies and performing various artistic and cultural programs. Paytakht is proud to cooperate with the country’s leading performers and artists, and it is dedicated to accurate and codified planning in the implementation of assigned programs. With the highest national and international standards and minimal cost, we create a different experience for everyone before, during and after the program.


With the help of God Almighty and relying on the huge capital of the institute, which is our committed and professional colleagues and artists, and with the dedication to make Iran the best cultural country of the world in 2025, the colleagues of this institute vowed that they will do their best to be effective in promoting the level of culture, art and vitality in the country.
Experience has taught us that the right advice, customer orientation, goal setting, proper and timely service can bring the best results.

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